Friday, July 12, 2013


leather jacket: ZARA

My workplace requires us to wear a "third piece," such as a denim vest, a bold statement necklace, a simple chain, or an artfully tied scarf to complete our look. This concept was a bit foreign to me at first, but with practice (and being obligated to do so) I now see the power of the "third piece!" The outfit in the first pic looks like I rolled out of bed, then, BOOM, add the scarf, and now I can go to lunch with friends. Or POW, add a leather jacket and some pumps, and I'm ready for a night out. Not feeling like red chuck's that day cause I don't have to be on my feet for 5+ hours? Then I like wearing my metallic Sam Edelman or Matt Bernson gladiator sandals to the mix w/ my mom's old Gucci clutch. In short, an accessory is the the cherry on top of the sartorial sundae. 
To the ten (or five?) of you who read this blog, some updates! I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been having trouble figuring out topics. Posts take a bit of time to do, and I try not to just post for the sake of posting. Soon enough, I will be starting law school, and though it will be a struggle to find time for blogging, I still want to maintain some sort of a blog presence. And of course, there's always instagram. Suffice to say, hopefully I'll figure this ish out.
Lately, life has been pretty good. I still really like working at Madewell, and hope to keep doing so while going to school. I like my coworkers, and glad to have found some new friends. A few years back when I fell into a huge emotional rut, one of my besties would assure me that my life would fall into place once I found the right environment and people. For her, working at American Apparel helped her find her own, and though sort of silly, I will admit that working at Madewell has done the same for me.  Errr, parallel lives much? She and I do really like clothes...
There has also been a newer, slightly more special friend in my life that I have been preoccupied with (probably the real reason why I don't blog as often anymore). So typical. I like a boy, and I can't help it. Hanging out with him feels like experiencing the high school life I never had. The other day we hung out in the Asian-American suburbia he hails from, watched Fast 6 at the budget theater, laughing and heckling at the movie screen, and afterwards played scrabble at a bubble tea cafe until midnight. To someone who never did any of this growing up, it all still feels novel and exciting. But no matter what we end up doing, it's fun-times. This is probably what I appreciate and like most about this new relationship---That we can have fun together watching horrible movies. 

Friday, May 17, 2013


Growing up, I used to wear skirts everyday for school. Having a strict uniform policy had its ups and downs, and as a young lady, while skirts may not have been the preferred bottom of choice (I was quite the active child), as an older gal, I've learned to appreciate them. My favorite thus far is using a dress as a skirt by layering it with a loose top. You don't have to worry about the skirt shifting and looking like you have distorted hips. Yay.
PS. The only way I feel comfortable wearing dresses and skirts is by wearing shorts or spandex underneath. A vestige of my schoolgirl days. That's whatsup.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


St. James Meridien (XS) // Zara Organic Tee (M) // Terryl for Thalian // PLAY Comme des Garcons (M)
When it comes to outfitting, there's always this big road block that awaits. All of a sudden, I feel like I have nothing to wear, when simply the creativity and excitement have withered away. Since working in retail and being constantly confronted with this style-conundrum, I needed to pick a style quick so that I don't spend too much time getting ready for work. Luckily, the no makeup-makeup look is workplace appropriate, and whenever in doubt, I have my go-to pieces. Guarantee you'll see me in a Saint James breton about five days out of the week. I'm always rotating the same types of pieces nowadays, and for some reason, it doesn't both me anymore.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Ever since I started my part-time job, admittedly, I've purchased quite a number of new things. Nothing too crazy or trendy, but some repeats of favorites like stripe tees and jeans. As I approach my late 20s, I'm trying to figure out "what's me?" in terms of what pieces I naturally gravitate to. For one, I realized my obsession with stripes, duh. All I want to do is wear stripe tees with everything. One big thing that's changed is my size and fit preference. I used to like things really fitted, but now I'm all about sizing up and feeling more comfortable. Needless to say, it's kind of a great feeling finally knowing what pieces you feel like yourself in. What are some of your go-to pieces this Spring?

If you're wondering about size/fit...I'm 5'5, 125lb.
-Saint James meridien tee (XS)
-PLAY by Commes des garcons tee (M)
-Madewell Stadium Jacket (M)
-RAG & BONE shorts (6)
-Madewell Skinny Skinny Ankle in Canister (28)
-Madewell Boy Jeans (27)
-J Brand jeggings (27)
-London Sole Pirouette (39)
-67 oxfords (38)

Monday, February 11, 2013


 Xiao Wen Ju for Vogue China March 2013 via
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